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T & H Cages
Batting Cages

At T & H Cages we have 4 state of the art batting cages featuring the JUGS Range-Pro pitching machine. Each cage will offer the option of hitting slow-pitch softballs, fast-pitch softballs and baseballs. Individuals or teams wanting to improve their batting skills can rent a cage per 1/2 hour session or 1 hour sessions.  Individuals who just want to try and hit some can hit a round (12 pitches) for 1 token.
Discipline and Safety Guidelines

Children will:

  • Not be allowed to bite, hit, spit or demonstrate extremely aggressive behavior.  Repeated misbehavior will be evaluated by staff and Director.
  • Have consistency and fairness used when dealing with him/her.
  • Not be talked to in a negative manner.
  • Be quietly reprimanded first.
  • At no time have any form of physical discipline be used on him/her.  Time out chair is the only acceptable discipline used.
  • Any problems will be discussed with the parent. 

Please print and fill out the following forms:

These forms must be filled out in full and brought with you to your first Mother's Day Out visit.

** Parents of children who are not potty trained must provide diapers, wipes and any other necessary items.

Batting Cage Fees & Rentals

  • 1 Token (12 Pitches) $1.00
  • ​1/2 hour rental - $15.00
  • 1 hour rental - $25.00

Saturday & Sunday Rental or after 5pm Weekdays

  • ​1/2 hour rental - $20.00
  • 1 hour rental - $35.00

  • ​Bat at your OWN RISK
  • Batters are required to wear helmets while in the cages
  • NO practice swings of bats outside of the cages
  • NO throwing inside or outside of the cages
  • NO CLEATS!  Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times
  • NO child under the age of 6 permitted to use the batting cages
  • Children under the age of 10 must be supervised by an adult
  • NO DRINKS, FOOD, GUM OR SUNFLOWER SEEDS are allowed in the cages at any time
  • NO smoking or chewing tobacco is allowed at any time in the facility
  • NO spitting
  • Enter and exit ONLY through the cage door you are hitting in
  • DO NOT CROSS the YELLOW LINE in the cages
  • DO not pick up the balls and hit them back at the machines
  • Only one person in the batting cage at a time
  • Please NO wooden bats